New Welcome

Written by Lindsay Shifflet

Once again, as in years past, East Mountain ushered in the new year with a braai to welcome our new residents: Tamsen, Jacques, Matt, Jordan, and Azola (Stix). The braai was stocked full of meat, the kitchen sink was full of dishes, and the house echoed with laughter and conversation as our community gathered together to commemorate the beginning of a new season together. After some ice-breaker games, a meal was shared before a powerful time of worshipping, listening to the Word, and praying with one another. We were reminded of the importance of fixing our eyes on Jesus and asking Him to help us love God and our neighbor well. The 2019 resident welcome braai signifies the beginning of a focused journey full of learning more about God and loving others.

As the evening came to a close and people drifted off to their respective homes, our five new residents stayed behind for their first night in their new home. These residents represent five lives that will be challenged and changed this year for the sake of the Kingdom because they said "yes" to God's call on their lives. Five lives that will experience new relationships and opportunities that will delight and stretch them. Five lives that will be empowered to impact the world with hope, love, and wisdom in profound new ways at the end of this year by the grace of God.

With this first braai, the cusp of the unknown for this new year has been breached, and the way to go is forward. We look ahead with anticipation to see what incredible and astounding plans God has in store for our new residents, the East Mountain community, and our fellow South African partners and friends.   

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