EM Stories: Autumn Pendergras

Written by Autumn Pendergras

Autumn is enrolled in the East Mountain Residency Program. She lives full-time at EM's Community House & Retreat Center and ministers at a school in a local township. 

As I write this I am sitting in Trinity Church in Beacon Valley. It is nine at night and I have been here since nine this morning. I have taught phonics, played dolls, lost foot races, had my hair pulled my a dozen little girls, and heard my name over a thousand times since this morning.
This is my place. I don't fit in. I'm not the right color, I don't speak the right language, and many people call me the crazy white girl. But it is where my heart is.

I have been partnering with Trinity Church and Trinity Children's Center for the last ten months and every day that I am here I fall more in love. I look into the eyes of a laughing child and the girls in our middle school group come up to give me a hug and tell me the latest drama and I can't imagine wanting to be anywhere else.

The Summit interns from East Mountain came with me this week to play with the Trinity Children's Center kids. KeKe coached some soccer and all of the kids had the opportunity to read in small groups with the interns. It is so amazing to watch the influence of positive role models in Mitchells Plain.

To see the partnership between Trinity and East Mountain flourish has brought so much joy to my heart. Trinity's wholistic view of each child and person that comes through their doors combined with East Mountain's desire to train leaders has led to a great partnership. The church has run out of seats the last three weeks and the Thursday night Bible study at the church dives deep into the truth of scripture every week. I see the light of the gospel going out in a place that the world calls forsaken.

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