Who We Are

ThE East Mountain Society

The East Mountain Society exists to develop Christian leaders for global missional service. We are a network of communities where leaders grow - spiritually, biblically and practically.


Cape Town

 Where cultures collide, our community is bringing people together to study God's word and learn to lead. Special initiatives include empowering pastors in townships, cross-cultural dialogues, & spiritual formation retreats nestled between mountains and sea.

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Leadership Team

The East Mountain community was born out of the dream of two men who felt a tug on their hearts to empower the non-Western church, raise up leaders to serve God's kingdom, and create a radically relational community in Cape Town. 


Exciting things are happening as our Scotland team prepares to launch a new East Mountain Community in Edinburgh. In a post-Christian society, God is at work and we are eager to join him. The Edinburgh community will include leaders with over a decade of missional experience in Europe, experienced worship leaders, and local pastors who yearn to see hearts changed by the truth of the gospel.