East Mountain exists to develop Christian leaders for global missional service. We are a network of Communities where leaders grow - spiritually, biblically and practically.

We accomplish this by inviting current and future pastors, missionaries, biblical scholars, and para-church leaders to participate in relationally driven, community centric, multi-cultural learning environments. Programs seek to integrate development in our three key areas of spiritual formation, theological education and practical leadership skills. 

Today East Mountain Communities serve the church by investing in leaders on 4 continents in Bangkok, Thailand; Edinburgh, Scotland; Cape Town, South Africa; and Greenville, South Carolina.



WHy the name
"East Mountain"?

Throughout the Scriptures, the mountaintop serves as the stage for some of the most profound encounters between God and his leaders. In Exodus, Moses ascends Mount Horeb where he meets with the Lord. In that sacred space, the Lord meets face to face with Moses giving him purpose, direction and encouragement. Fast forward to Matthew's Gospel and we see Jesus meeting with his disciples on a mountain outside of Galilee. There, as on Horeb, he gives his disciples purpose, direction and encouragement. As the story of redemption unfolds, places like Horeb, Sinai, Carmel, and the Mount of Olives serve as settings for some of the most pivotal conversations in the history of the world.

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