Staff - United Kingdom

Chris and Kirsten Furr


Chris and Kirsten have a deep and abiding heart for Europe and a desire to see God move in a brilliant, illuminating way on a continent of intense spiritual darkness.  Having lived in France for 9 years as church planters and serving in regional leadership in UWM Europe, Chris and Kirsten have experienced firsthand the need for renewed leaders in the European church.  They long to see Christian pastors, teachers and church planters deeply connected to God and to each other in order to see revival in 21st century Europe.  They truly believe that the best way for leaders to be formed for the ever-changing European context is in the context of a living community.
Chris says, "The beauty of the East Mountain model is that it fits hand-in-glove with ancient models of European Christian leadership development.  In this way, we are not offering something foreign to Europeans!  We are acting as modern day catalysts for something that already 'belongs' to them.  We are excited about how God seems to renewing and reclaiming a beautiful history in our day and what this will mean for Europe."
The Furrs are excited to move to Edinburgh with their three children, Maren, Reece and Carlson.  They love bagpipes, rain-covered landscapes, scratchy wool tartan plaids and will even eat haggis willingly! 


dustin and katie scott

God's heart for the nations has been woven throughout the Scott's story. East Tennessee natives, Dustin and Katie first met serving the people of Venezuela as young college students. Here, they began to recognize God's missional calling on their lives. After getting married in 2010, Dustin began to serve as a groups pastor while Katie began a career as a pediatric occupational therapist. Soon, God gave them a heart for adoption and they adopted Judah Abel in 2015.
God has given the Scotts a vision for reaching people around the world by building community and leading others into deeper relationships with God. When they heard about the East Mountain community, they were eager to join in what God is doing. Dustin and Katie look forward to establishing a community of people in Scotland who love Jesus and are passionate about teaching, developing and empowering local leaders. By partnering with European pastors and leaders, they hope to see churches effectively and sustainably impact their communities through the gospel.