Staff - Cape Town

Meet Our Staff in Cape Town

At our Cape Town location, we currently have nine families who live in community and serve the needs of East Moutain full-time and two families who serve on a part-time basis, residing in the United States and traveling to South Africa 1-2 times per year.


Gabe & Janet Smith

As a founding family of East Mountain, Gabe and Janet have been part of the East Mountain vision from the very beginning. It was a radical life change for them to move their family to South Africa in...

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Kathy & Rodney Duttweiler

Rodney and Kathy helped to co-found East Mountain after spending over twenty years serving in Senegal and leading missionary teams in West Africa. Their gentle leadership emulates...

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Phil & Karen Dubert

Both children of missionaries, Phil and Karen joined East Mountain in 2012 after serving for many years in Mozambique. Sharing a passion for the poor, their intentional lifestyle brings a unique aspect to the East Mountain community as they...

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Mark & Marcie Harris

Mark and Marcie, together with their sons Dylan and Caleb, have an integral role in the life of the EM Community. Mark brings years of training and experience in Spiritual Formation and Marcie's authentic, fun-loving spirit adds...

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Ronn & Aladrian Elmore

Ronn & Aladrian are a powerhouse couple that bring highly skilled professional experiences in couseling and leadership development and a positive, faith-filled attitude that shapes the East Mountain ethos... 


Alex & Maggie Halbert

Alex & Maggie add much to the EM community with their friendly, laid-back attitude, their warm hospitality, and their commitment to excellence in East Mountain's programs. Before serving with EM, Alex coordinated short-term teams in Mexico and...
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Jack & Loren Messarra

Jack and Loren Messarra moved to South Africa in 2015  for Jack to study Biblical Hebrew under the renowned Dr. Christo Van de Merwe at Stellenbosch University. They serve EM part-time in strategic planning, tech support, teaching, and mentoring...

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Erik Borggren

Erik was born and raised in Phoenix, and attended college at the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. After graduating from West Point ... 

Cody & Megan Buchan

Cody and Megan moved to South Africa about two and a half years ago from Richmond, Virginia, USA. They spent their first two years residing at the East Mountain Community House... 


Spanky & Lara Rouse

Spanky and Lara along with their three children (Mac, Grey, and Ellyana) moved to East Mountain South Africa in September 2017. Their hope and dreams are... 


Lindsay Shifflet

Lindsay came to East Mountain South Africa in 2018 as a resident with the goal of receiving long-term exposure and experience in overseas ministry. She graduated from Biola... 



Our Cape Town community serves under the leadership of our local advisory board. They represent some of the most strategic thinkers and impassioned leaders in South Africa. They  long to see discipleship bring together the church in their homeland.

Bouwer Van Niekirk is a successful businessman of Afrikaner descent who helps ensure our ministry is strategic. His ready laugh and welcoming manner add much to our community. Bouwer is married to Carlien and they have two children: Bouwer Jr. and Carolina. 

Adrian Montzinger is a lawyer with additional qualifications which have given him the esteemed title of Advocate in South Africa. His logical, no-nonsense attitude and gentle manner has earned him the respect and affection of our entire community. He is from the Northern Capeof South Africa. Adrian makes his home in Stellenbosch with his wife, Candice, an optometrist, and their two small children, Olivia and Jaiden.

            Adrian shares what it is like to be a part of East Mountain:
"I believe East Mountain serve[s] as a valuable bridge between young Christian leaders who anticipate or consider getting involved in active ministry or missions. It so often happens that someone hears the gospel, is converted, and has the desire to spread the gospel, but is not equipped with the correct tools to do so. I believe East Mountain can bridge the gap by providing the necessary foundation to equip young leaders to get involved in any field where ministry is required."