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I have often struggled to answer the question, “What is East Mountain?” I found that it was easier to talk about various things East Mountain does (leadership development, residency, deep community, discipleship, etc) but words seemed to fall short of describing the heart of our mission. In a number of very catalytic conversations and gatherings over the last 6 months I believe that God has provided richer language to describe our work and I wanted to share it with you. 

We are a people who seek to offer powerful experiences for whole and purposeful life with Jesus.

I love this statement because it captures the essence of what we long for ourselves and others - whole and purposeful life with our King. The common thread of our work around the world, from residency & education opportunities in South Africa to a pilgrimage in Scotland, is our passion to offer people powerful experiences where they are likely to step more deeply into life with Jesus.



Locally, East Mountain Greenville (EM GVL) has made some tremendous strides in the last few months, as we are now a registered South Carolina non-profit organization with 501(c)3 exemption status, have gathered our founding board of directors for a weekend of fruitful meetings, and have made a conditional offer on a property for future ministry activities!

EM GVL is under contract to purchase a 19 acre farm where we dream of offering the opportunity for many of you to have an East Mountain experience. Look out for exciting updates about this project in the next few months.  Our community here is excited for the work God is doing in the city of Greenville and are beyond grateful that He has elected us to be a part of it.

Globally East Mountain is grateful for the gift of so many friends and supporters around the world who make this unique work possible. 

--Gabe Smith, EM Co-founder & EM GVL Executive Director

Potential East Mountain Property

Potential East Mountain Property


Partner Focus: Courageous

What SCARES you? Spiders, being on an elevator with a stranger, or taking out a second mortgage? Life can be SCARY. In fact, scriptures say some iteration of "fear not" literally hundreds of times. What then, do we do with all of this FEAR?

Enter Courageous, one of EM GVL's partners in ministry. From their website:

"Fear manifests itself in our lives with many labels, such as anxiety, depression, anger and addictive behaviors. Many well-minded counselors will help you "work" on correcting your issues or undesirable behaviors. At Courageous, our goal is to journey with you in discovering the liberating power of Christ's presence within you. By design, only He meets our deepest needs and longings. His perfect love dispels the fear in us that literally fuels our issues. Courageous living is a journey. It's learning to "walk" by faith. It's how "we" walk too, and we want to walk with you."

Michael Chalmers, founder.

Michael Chalmers, founder.

Founder Michael Chalmers has dedicated the past 17 years of his life to full time ministry in discipleship counseling, teaching, and training. Additionally, Michael has been an active member of EM GVL, offering his services to enrich community gatherings and shape our future curriculum and even opening up his beautiful home for events. We are grateful for Michael and his ministry and look forward to continuing in this great work with him!

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