Located just outside the historic village of Stellenbosch in the Western Cape of South Africa, our community of full-time staff, residents, interns, partners, and friends are raising up leaders, serving the local church, and learning within community. Much of this takes place at East Mountain's Community House and Retreat Center. It is a warm, spacious, and inviting place. It is here that East Mountain interns, mentors, and visiting lecturers live, worship, study, and do life together. It is an integral part of our vision in South Africa. At East Mountain, we believe that some of the best learning happens around the table, and this is certainly the case at within our community.

The cultural context of South Africa is one marred by contrasting realities. Stellenbosch is a small university town located approximately 50 kilometers from Cape Town and is the second oldest European settlement in South Africa. Stellenbosch, specifically Stellenbosch University, played a prominent role in the establishment of Apartheid, and just across the street of this cute, European style town is a large informal settlement of tin roof shacks and poorly built houses, one on top of the other. Known as Kayamandi, this informal settlement was established by the Apartheid era as people of color were forcibly removed from their homes in the city into less inhabitable areas; and even though the Apartheid regime fell over two decades ago, the township remains, lacking resources, infrastructure, and basic necessities.

The greater Cape Town area is one of rich beauty; it is a place where jagged mountains, rolling vineyards, and pristine beaches all intersect. Yet in the midst of this lies some of the most severe poverty in the world, and everyday lives continue to be affected by the results of an unjust system. It is in these areas that East Mountain Cape Town strives to affect change. Our hope is to invest in these under-resourced communities by raising up leaders to affect change. We seek to keep the Gospel at the center of everything we do, equipping those who come our way for healthy, holistic ministry. 

Though the country is affected by racial and economic divide, we believe God is actively working towards reconciliation through the Gospel, and we are honored to play a part in spreading the love of Christ to areas rich and poor.

Our Cape Town Community

We have been blessed with a loving and committed team in our Cape Town Ministry.

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